The new i-Phone 5 is here!

Hooray, hooray, the new i-Phone is there. Fans of Apple products and also we are eagerly expected by the i-Phone clinic. In the US, new Apple products were introduced.

Most rumors of our iKlinik blog, on our website have come true.


We of the i-Phone clinic take any major changes again briefly:

Housing: The housing is made ​​entirely of “anodized aluminum” and is 7.6 mm and 112 grams of the thinnest and lightest iPhone to date, said vice-chief Phil Schiller during the presentation. The iPhone 5 has beveled edges and taken in glass, making it a full 20 percent lighter and 18 percent thinner than the iPhone 4S!

Hardware: Apple familiar with the processor performance to an “A6″ chip, which corresponds to a doubling of computing and graphics performance while iPhone 5 compared to the A5. The CPU is 22 percent smaller than the previous model and therefore more energy efficient according to the company. Websites are more than twice as fast load. According hardware chief Bob Mansfield to be ALL faster than before thanks to the new A6 chip.

Screen & Resolution: After the screen size in the past 3.5 inches remained constant, Apple equipped the iPhone now has a 4-inch screen.This corresponds to a screen diagonal of 10.16 centimeters. The result: more space for the homescreen, there are more app icons displayed simultaneously. The resolution of the Retina displays is 326 dpi, so 1136 x 640. With the same width of the screen is now higher than before.Apps are presented in wide-screen format.

Camera: The camera is shooting by a dynamic lighting mode in low light conditions better photos. The sensor snaps photos with a resolution of 8 megapixels, equivalent to that of its predecessor. The image processor of the A6 chip will also reduce the image noise and achieve improved color by a “smart filter”.

Video: The improved camera though still allows “only” Full HD video in 1028p, but the results will be far better thanks to improved image stabilization – also supports the iPhone 5 built-in face detection.

Audio: Apple missed the iPhone 5 three microphones: front, back and bottom. In this way, the speech recognition are increased while noise is better filtered out. Compared to the iPhone 4S Apple installed three additional speakers. Apple says it makes “Cellular Wideband Audio” possible so that would be a greater tonal range and thus a higher sound quality represented. The result is a more natural reproduction of voices.

Wireless technology: Now it’s out: The iPhone 5 supports the hyper-fast mobile technology LTE – and together with Deutsche Telekom in Germany! The iPhone 5 has also via dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi support for a wireless throughput of theoretically up to 150 MBit / s.

Battery: Apple CEO Tim Cook promises a longer battery life than the iPhone 4S. Eight hours speech time when use of 3G or LTE, 10 hours on Wi-Fi use. Wireless charging – as with Nokia’s Lumia 920 – however, it will not give!


Sales start in Switzerland is expected to be the 28th September.Remarkably, we can even since September 21, perform all iPhone repairs for the iPhone 5 in all our iPhone clinic branches. That is, even a week before the the official launch starts in Switzerland.

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