Device Repair

You can choose the most suitable repair way for you . The quickest way, the “emergency Walk-in service” or Mail-in service.

Walk-in service:

You come into our iKlinik and our doctors do spontaneously “express” repair within a few minutes without any extra charge. So you may pick up your repaired device the same day!

Mail-in service:

Post your mobile phone to us, our technician will call you upon acceptance of the package and we will generally repair and ship the device back out within 24 hours.

We offer 4 month warranty on the repaired parts. If something wrong with the repaired parts, you can return your device at any time.

Hotline number for any questions: 0800 468 18 18

“Emergency” Walk-in Express Repair

callpfeilBring your device
In to our private clinic

toolpfeilWe repair
your device

clockpfeilWait about 20 minutes

tablet-mobilePick up your repaired

“Mail-in” Repair Service

emailpfeilSend us your Device
by post *.

toolpfeilWe repair
your device

emailpfeilUpon receipt of payment,
the phone will be
shipped back

ipad-iphoneYou will receive
your repaired device
at your home

4 months warranty

daumen-hochOn all repaired parts. If you have any problems you can return your device at any time.

Payment options

einkaufswagenAvailable: cash, debit card , credit card.

Do you have anymore questions?

fragezeichenPlease contact us for further repair options or customer service:
0800 468 18 18

*For shipping, respect the following points:

  • Send to the following address:
  • Please back up all your data (synchronization with iTunes).
  • Please input your contact details (address / email / phone number).
  • Please pack the iPhone (without box and accessories).
  • Envelope with bubblewrap (available on the post office).
  • Send the parcel by registered mail (Royal Mail Signed).
  • Please pay for the repair and return postage costs.
  • contact us to make a bank transfer.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the phone will be shipped back.