Better data transfer through new dock connector

Again, there is good news for all Apple fans and especially for iklinik and their patients. One picture can be seen that the white version of the iPhone the next generation will have a narrower 9-pin Doking port. Recently was a 8-pin connector in conversation. However, it turned out that the surrounding metal shell of the connector plug is another pin. Thus further nine contacts are in the new dock connector as probable. Furthermore, it is claimed that the new Connector for optimized data transfer ensures. This means for the iphone doctors that they can more quickly satisfy their clients in the future. For through the 9-pin docking connector can transfer data faster. So the waiting times of “patients” shorten the iklinik.

Images can also suggest that the headphone jack will migrate to the bottom of the smartphone the iPhone 5, which is also the dock connector is located. In all other iPhone models, this connector is on the top of the unit. Whether this could be an advantage for those who do not know the iPhone clinic until now unfortunately.

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